Mission and Values

United Defense aims to provide a full range of tactical equipment and related quality components to any size of customers from around the world while strictly complying with governmental rules.

Along satisfying the financial objectives of both the company and its partners, United Defense strives to establish a friendly yet productive working environment in order to sustain a healthy growth within a fast-moving industry. Trust and Respect, widely spread within the company, define United Defense attitude when interacting worldwide.

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Washington DC

Range of Operations

With United Defense corporate headquarters located in Washington D.C., the firm has maintained close ties with the heart of the American military and administration. While its operations activities witness sustainable growth, United Defense shows its ability to trade internationally on a daily basis. With its numerous trade partners, the range of its activities allows the satisfaction of worldwide customers as well as domestic ones.

12 Years of Experience

Following the acquisition of BTParms and Keep Shooting, United Defense adds to its workforce both skilled operations managers and employees carrying up to 12 years of experience working in the defense industry. With numerous facilities, an empowered workforce, and an advanced knowledge of international trade, operations activities run smoothly ensuring satisfaction to all parties involved.

United Defense aims to achieve a strategic position following precise strategic planning ensuring advanced worldwide operations within the next 5 years. Our winning culture is driven by our passion and integrity regarding both our trade partners and workforce.

5-Year Goals and Objectives

Achieve Worlwide Operations
North America
South America